The Expert Networks


About the Network - Workhint is an expert network built for independent management consultants. It allows business customers to meet, hire, and pay consultants all in one place. Workhint provides consultants the opportunity to work with customers in a secure, streamlined way via an online virtual office.


Consultant Profile - Experts are management consultants with MBAs and experience working at firms including Deloitte, Ernst and Young, and Accenture.


How It Works - Consulting engagements take place in one of two ways. Clients either set-up video calls with consultants whose expertise they desire, chat with them at the appointed time, and pay them through the platform. Or, clients post opportunities, hire consultants for a particular project and receive the results of that project via the platform. In both cases, clients are encourage to provide feedback on the experience which is shared on the platform.


Opportunities - Finance and investment including financial and investments advising, financial projection & analysis, business valuation, and securities analysis. Marketing and sales including marketing plans,

new market entry, marketing collateral, and pricing analysis. Business strategy including business plans, performance metrics and benchmarks,

management structure advising, and customized management solutions.  


How to sign-up - Management consultants can apply by completing an online application.


Payment - The Fees to use the site and site services are paid solely by the consultant.  When a Client pays a consultant for the service provided, Workhint will credit a consultant escrow account for the full amount paid or released, and then subtract and disburse to Workhint a Service Fee in the amount specified.






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