The Expert Networks

Westlake International

About the Network - Westlake International helps institutional investors find hard-to-get answers to proprietary investment questions relating to Chinese companies. With offices in both the US and China, the network can respond to client inquiries within 1 to 2 days.


Consultant Profile - Experts includes business professionals focused on China including middle managers, private business owners, consultants, bureaucrats, and academics.


How It Works - The process generally begins when a client requests assistance with a specific question or general topic area. Clients may independently select an expert from biographical information provided in their anonymous database. Westlake then vets network experts for applicable work history, product knowledge, and consultation history.

This narrowed expert group is further refined by asking each to provide a brief answer of their ability to fulfill the client's particular consultation request. A final selection of anonymous expert biographies (along with their written consultation request responses) is then emailed back to the client. Included in this email will be information about language skills and their ability to answer clients' vetting questions. After the client selects an expert, Westlake International schedules consultation calls and/or meetings. After the consultation is completed, Westlake contacts clients for feedback.


Opportunities - Telephone consultations, face-to-face consultatons industry reports, channel checks, and surveys.


How to sign-up - Experts can enroll using an online application.


Payment - Experts are compensated on a pre-agreed hourly rate. Payments are made promptly following consultations.


Addition Information - Westlake International offers an integrated translation service with its consultations.






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