The Expert Networks

Verimed Healthcare Network

About the Network -  VeriMed is a nationwide network of practicing clinicians and scientists from elite medical centers and academic institutions. The network provides a full range of medical consulting to life sciences companies, financial services firms and healthcare content providers.


Consultant Profile - Experts are qualified physicians that represent all medical subspecialties who range in level of expertise from industry leaders to residents and fellows.


How It Works - Clients submit their questions via webform. Verimed informs experts of opportunities in their specialty. Experts select projects they are interested in and Verimed communicates with the client to begin the consultation process.


Opportunities - Focus groups, surveys, private consultations, written reports.


How to sign-up - Experts can apply to the network by submitting their CV via email to [email protected].


Payment - Not specified on website.


Addition Information - Clients include Merck, Tang Capital Management and buenaSalud.






Apply to Verimed by submitting a CV.