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About the Network - Teklicon was established in 1986 as the original technical expert witness referral agency.   Teklicon’s experts have supported thousands of cases in the areas of patent infringement, theft of trade secrets, technology licensing, and other intellectual property disputes.  In addition, their experts have supported patent portfolio studies and numerous industry projects.


Clients include the leading Intellectual Property law firms.   More than two-thirds of our engagements come from existing clients – a testament to the quality of our experts and our service.


Consultant Profile - Experts are leading inventors and holders of thousands of patents. Teklicon’s experts are well recognized, holding distinguished honors such as Fellow of the Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers, Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and membership in the National Inventor’s Hall of Fame.


How It Works - Client provides the Teklicon case director with their expert requirements. This includes subject-matter area, parties involved, and a description of the legal and technical issues.


Teklicon’s case directors have technology degrees and industry experience which often enables quick understanding of the specific issues of the case and quick identification of expert candidates with the experience and expertise relevant to the client’s requirements.


Teklicon prequalifies potential expert candidates.  After the candidates are prequalified and cleared of conflicts, Teklicon provides the resumes of the experts and our assessment of their expertise, relevant experience and credibility.


Upon the client’s request, expert candidates are made available for interview, coordinated and facilitated by Teklicon.

Client decides whether to retain the candidate. If so the client works directly with Teklicon on the retention agreement.


Opportunities - Expert advice, witness testimony, and consultations.


How to sign-up - Experts can apply using an online form.


Payment - Contact Teklicon for further information.


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