The Expert Networks


About the Network - Swedengroup is a boutique consulting firm based in New York that provides on-demand professional services consulting to the public, private and social sectors. Focused on skills, the network supports a wide variety of project based work with experts with a diverse set of skills, from video animation to investment screening.


Consultant Profile - Experts include, but are not limited to, engineers, designers, entrepreneurs, research scientists, business managers, civil servants, data scientists, translators, writers, coders, marketing professionals, and project managers.


How It Works - Clients contact Swedengroup directly via phone, web form, or email to discussion their projects and needs.


Opportunities - Flat and hourly-fee based professional services engagments tailored to meet client needs.


How to sign-up - Experts can enroll online using an online application found on the experts direct page of the website. Project managers can enroll on the project management direct page.


Payment - Payment information is not disclosed on the website.


Additional Information - As the name would suggest, even though the network is located in New York, many employees are located in Sweden.






Expert Online Application


Project Manager Application