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Smallbiz Advice

About the Network - Smallbiz Advice provides small business owners and professionals answers to questions related to business operations at a reasonable cost. Questions may be simple how-to's or where to find certain information online or offline. Other questions could be complex and need to be answered by a qualified professional. Some may include compiling a research report or data.


Consultant Profile - Anyone experienced in business and capable of answering  questions or completing a project is welcome to join.


How It Works - Clients create projects which are listed on the networks project boards. Experts then bid on the projects and provide a roadmap for a solution. Clients select suitable experts to work with and complete their projects. When both sides agree a project has been completed, payment is made. The network then elicits feedback from the client which in turn is used to provide a rating for the expert.


Opportunities - Questions and projects.


How to sign-up - Experts can register using an online form.


Payment - Experts bid on projects based on the complexity of the question and time involved in creating a solution. Bids range from $2 to $10,000.


Addition Information - The network is currently in the process of building a new website.






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