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Proposal Gurus

About the Network - Proposal Gurus aids clients in the development of winning proposals.  They help clients tap into a wide network of proposal professionals globally. Proposal Gurus also takes care of all timekeeping, expenses tracking, and all other invoicing matters.The network is based in Hong Kong but provides services globally.


Consultant Profile - Proposal Managers, Proposal Writers, Graphic Artists, Desktop Publishers, Proposal Coordinators, Subject Matter Experts, Editors, Contracts Experts, and Pricing Experts.


How It Works - Clients search the network's data base for the proposal experts. Results are displayed on a map or list. Clients compare short-listed gurus, check availability, and engage the experts they need for the proposal. Proposal Gurus provides the tools to manage the budget, keep track of expenses, record time spend on the project, and analyze the results.


Opportunities - Proposal development engagements for writers, graphic artists, desktop publishers, proposal coordinators, subject matter experts, editors, contract experts, pricing experts, and proposal managers.


How to sign-up - Experts can apply via an online registration form.


Payment - Experts establish their own consultating rates. Proposal Gurus adds 10% to the hourly rates of consultants and charges clients $20 for detailed reports. Gurus are paid two or three days after Proposal Guru's receives payments.






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