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About the Network -Headquartered in Toronto, OnCall is an effective way for businesses and consumers to recruit, review and retain professionals across a broad array of specialties. Available for iOS and Android devices, OnCall enables users to post questions and receive offers for specific services, and have a real-time, face-to-face video call with any and all experts. This ability to find and hire talent is immediate, allowing users to complete this process all within the OnCall app.


Consultant Profile - An Expert is an OnCall user that has useful and valuable knowledge in a particular field and wishes to provide help to other Users.  An Expert may have certifications, licenses, awards, and diploma that support the Experts domain of knowledge. Experts come from both business and consumer, industries including Auto & Motoring, Classic Cars, Driving Education, Limousine Service, Maintenance & Repair, New/Used Car Dealership, Personal Driver, Racing Cars, Trucks & Trailers, Beauty and Fashion, Beautician, Fashion/Image Consultant, Florist, Gemologist, Interior Design, Personal Shopper, Business & Finance, Accounting & Tax, Business Advisor, Debt Counselling, Employment Issues, Entrepreneural Advisors, Financial Advisor, HR Consulting, Industrial Services and Products, Insurance, Investment Consultant, Mortgage Broker, Non-Profit Consultants, Real Estate, Translation Services, Tutoring, Child Care, Caregiver, Coaching & Personal Development, Business Coach, Career Coach, Life Coach, Public Speaking Coach, Relationship Coach, Stress & Anger Management, Computers & Programming, Android Development, Computer Hardware, Computer Help for Beginners, Computer Repair, Database, iOS Development, Networking, Product Management, Search Optimization, Software Developer, Software Testing, System Admin, Technical Support, Telecommunications, UI / UX Design, and many more.


How It Works - Clients browse categories and subcategories or use the keyword sensitive search to find the right expert. If the need is not immediate, clients can post a question to the community and have experts respond to them. Experts can be contacted via video, voice, or instant message. Once a contact method is selected, clients can begin conversing with the expert. All calls are always initially free. During a video or voice call, experts can charge a per minute fee for their time. However, this only takes effect if the charge is accepted. After the session ends, experts can leave a rating and review for the expert.


Opportunities - Video, voice, or instant message consultations via the ONCALL app.


How to sign-up - Become an expert in 3-easy steps: 1) Download the OnCall app for your iOS or Android device. 2) Sign up and log in to the app with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or your email address. 3) Go to your My Account > Expert Settings and turn on Become an Expert.


Payment - Experts can define how much they wish to charge a user on a per minute basis in increments of 0.1 credits ($0.10) per minute. Once the user accepts the charge, a charge timer starts to help the user track their charged session time. At the end of the charged call, charges will be calculated and the call history updated.  Please note calls are prorated and transaction fees are rounded to the nearest 0.1 credit.


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