The Expert Networks


Asia CEO Network - Established by a group of CEOs, MDs and entrepreneurs with extensive experience in Asia, Asia CEO Network provides comprehensive insight into business, political and social matters in Asia.


Avalon -  Also known as Avalon la Red de Expertos, is an expert network for the Spanish speaking world. Consultants are organized by both sector experience and functional knowledge.


Capvision Partners - Founded in 2006, Capvision Partners is a research and consulting firm that specializes in Mainland China. The network includes thousands of industry experts in a broad range of fields.


Clear Horizon Research - Based in Sao Paolo, Brazil, Clear Horizon Research provides comprehensive research to investment professional in North America and Europe who focus on Latin America.


Engage Experts - Engage Experts, part of the Engage Infomedia India Pvt. Ltd., provides insight and advice for institutions seeking to do business or invest in India.


Expertera -  Based in Turkey, Expertera serves leading consulting, asset management, and venture capital firms by facilitating paid consultations with subject matter experts. Expertera was a sponsor of the 2013 Private Equity Internation forum in Istanbul.


Insight Alpha - Based in New Dehli, India, Insight Alpha is an Indian focused expert network that provides research solutions to hedge funds, mutual funds, venture capitalists, corporations, investment bankers and consultancies.


Mondo Experts - Focused on the Latin American Market, Mundo Experts are predominantly  Spanish speaking or bilinguals with extensive experience in Latin America or Spain. Experts provide advisory services or work on projects.


OnFrontiers - Focused primarily on the developing world, OnFrontiers is headquartered in New York with regional coordinators across four continents. From payday lending in Latin America to geothermal power in East Africa, OnFrontiers specializes in providing experts to organizations making investments in the developing world.


Samba Experts - Samba Experts is a pool of highly experienced interim business professionals based in Switzerland and trained at one of the leading business schools including INSEAD, IMD, Harvard, London Business School and Stanford. The network specializes in helping business find solutions to specific problems on a project basis.


Unisearch - Unisearch is Australia’s largest provider of expert opinion services. Established in 1959,the team manages over 900 matters each year, ranging from expert opinions and testing services to consulting on major projects.


Westlake International - Westlake International helps institutional investors obtain hard-to-get answers to proprietary investment questions relating to Chinese companies.

Experfy - Based in Harvard Innovation Lab, Experfy was created with the purpose of providing human talent to help organizations optimize their hiring of data experts and solutions providers. Experfy brings together the world's most prestigious analytics talent that not only possesses algorithmic skills but also deep domain knowledge.


Leerink Swann/MEDACorp - MEDACorp is a healthcare focused expert network with 35,000 healthcare professionals, including key opinion leaders, experienced practitioners and other healthcare professionals throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. 


LifeSci Advisors - LifeSci Advisors is a consultancy that provides comprehensive equity research, strategic counsel, customized marketing communications and investor relations services to clients in the life-sciences.


NewtonX Expert Network - NewtonX is an online expert marketplace that connects leading professional services firms and institutions with senior professionals who have unique expertise in technology. NewtonX maps the knowledge of their experts in a very granular fashion and uses a matching algorithm to select the most relevant experts for each client request.


Sermo - Spanning 68 specialties and all 50 states, Sermo is the largest online physician community in the US. The network allows physicians to collaborate on difficult cases and exchange observations about drugs, devices and clinical issues. Physicians are financially rewarded for authoring or voting on postings deemed highly beneficial to the community.


Sightlinx - SightLinx is a network of experts and professionals that provide a reliable, consistent avenue for industry leaders to explore customer, market, and regulatory perspectives and trends within the health and wellness industry.


Technical Expert Network (TEN) - Owned and organized by a diverse collection of international researchers, technical professionals, recruiters and international business people, TEN provides experts advice and insight to consulting firms, investment managers, NGOs, Universities and Corporations.


Technology Partnership - Owned and operated by the Danish Technological Institute, Technology Partnership is an international expert network that assists innovative enterprises get access to state-of-the-art technology. The network also assists members of the global network of knowledge institutions in commercializing their knowledge and building partnerships with enterprises and other institutions.


Verimed Healthcare Network - VeriMed Healthcare is a network of physicians that provide a full range of medical consulting services to life sciences companies, financial services firms and healthcare content providers.


Wellthy - Wellthy is a care coordination expert network that helps those struggling with an illness navigate the healthcare system. Experts help patients manage their medications, decide about treatment options, manage appointments and doctors, and deal with the financial, insurance, and long term implications of their illness.


YourEncore - YourEncore helps companies accelerate innovation by connecting them with retired scientists and engineers to leverage their expertise. Procter and Gamble Company,  Eli Lilly and the Boeing Company are the initial founding Member Companies.

American Medical Forensic Specialists - Founded in 1990, American Medical Forensic Specialists (AMFS) provides authoritive medical experts to legal counsel and insurance companies. They are based in Emeryville, California.


ExpertersDirect - ExpertsDirect is Australasia’s first online directory of experts, expert witnesses, consultants and keynote speakers. ExpertsDirect is primarily intended for use by lawyers, barristers, law firms, judges and court personnel, government and law enforcement agencies, insurance companies and others in the legal, business, insurance and forensic communities seeking to retain experts, expert witnesses, consultants, investigators and professional service providers.


ForensisGroup - Founded in 1991, Forensis Group originally focused on providing construction expertise to attorneys, insurance professionals, and other private and public agencies across the country. The network has since expanded to include other industries.


intota - Intota is an expert witness and expert consulting firm that provides peer-recommended experts in over 30,000 areas of science, engineering, medicine, regulation and business.


Legal Nurse - In 2015, in response to the high demand of attorneys in need of testifying expert witnesses,  Laura M. Averette launched NurseExpert, Inc. an expert witness, recruitment and location service. Legal Nurse works with several attorneys who need an analysis or a second look at the chronology prepared by their paralegal.


Mednick Associates - Mednick Associaties provides attorneys and insurance companies access to a preeminent, nationwide network of board certified medical experts. For over 20 years their medical expert witnesses have been trusted with numerous medical malpractice, personal injury, mass tort, class action and other medically related cases. The network has 2,500 expert witness members nationwide.


Saponaro - Saponaro, Inc., is a nationwide group of consulting Experts offering attorneys an objective opinion on the merits of their case. We offer an efficient, dignified approach, and are noted for our integrity and candor. Saponaro, Inc., offers a full line of services to attorneys, providing well-qualified experts and in-depth case evaluations, both in a timely and cost effective manner.


The Expert Institute - The Expert Institute partners with AmLaw 100 leaders, boutique firms, and solo practitioners to deliver expert witness solutions across every area of practice. Combining technology with a team of skilled legal researchers, The Expert Insitutie developed a system that matches client needs with experts in wide range of industries and professions worldwide.


The TASA Group - Founded in 1956, The TASA Group is the oldest expert witness service in the United States. The network has over 10,000 seasoned professionals in Technical and Medical specialties.


Westlaw Round Table Group - Westlaw Round Table Group is a network that connects attorneys with more than 100,000 expert witnesses representing hundreds of industries. Westlaw is based in Washington D.C.

Aristotle Circle - Founded by a former equity research analyst, Aristotle Circle matches education and admissions professionals with parents seeking to enroll their children in top name schools, from Pre-K to Graduate.


BIDaWIZ - BIDaWiz provides tax and accounting advice to businesses and individuals in the United States. Founded by accounting and finance professionals, the network's consultants are all college graduates, licensed and have a minimum of two years experience.


Clear Capital - Founded in 2001, Clear Capital provides a full range of real estate valuation services to clients across the United States. Experts are licensed appraisers, real estate brokers and agents.


Codeable - Founded in 2012, Codeable is a WordPress development freelancer platform that connects world-class Wordpress coders with people in need of on-demand website support. Codeable supports thousands of businesses from startup and store owners to large businesses with mission-critical websites.


Codementor - Codementor is an open marketplace for both instant 1:1 help and long-term mentorship. Codementor connects clients with experts for urgent issue solving, technical advice, pair programming, and code review. In addition to expert consultations, Codementor provides an extensive library of resources for developers.


Evisors - Founded in 2010, Evisors initially focused on connecting job seeking clients with former employees and interviewers at highly sought-after companies. Their services have expanded and now include admissions, test preparation and entrepreneurship advice.


Findtech - Findtech is a science and engineering expert marketplace where product development companies, small businesses and startups connect with talented  consultants from around the world.


HackHands - Hack.Hands was founded in 2013 at the New York WeWork Labs space as an independent spin-off of 6PS Group, a Brazilian web development company. The original idea for HackHands came from two Brazilian technology entrepreneurs, Geraldo Ramos and Assis Antunes, with American Forest Good. The idea was to provide an online technology mentoring platform for computer programmers and coders, serviced by a global network of subject-matter experts


JustAnswer - JustAnswer is a direct to the consumer expert network that provides one-on-one advice on a wide range of topics - from medical and legal to car repair and homework. Since 2003, Justanswer has provided answers to millions of questions from 145 different countries.


Lxpert - Founded in August 2014 and based in the UK, Lxpert is a marketplace where local IT specialists help consumers solve IT or technology related problems. IT experts (called lxperts) can aid consumers with anything from providing independent advice, through setting up, fixing or upgrading digital devices (e.g. computers, tablets, smart TVs and gadgets etc), to teaching consumers how to use them on a one-to-one basis. All experts are vetted.


New Master Artists - New Master Artists is an Independent Platform that allows artists and experts to openly share information in a community. It is completely independent from any art expert, gallery, dealer or auction house and is open to any artist and any qualified expert worldwide. NMA facilitates competitions and provides a marketplace for new artists.


Peerwith - Peerwith is an expert network that connects researchers with peers who are experts in researcher services. The network was created to help improve the quality of academic work, speed up the publication process, and increase chances of publication in high-impact journals.


Swedengroup - Swedengroup is a boutique consulting firm based in New York that provides on-demand professional services consulting to the public, private and social sectors. Focused on skills, the network supports a wide variety of project based work with experts with a diverse set of skills, from video animation to investment screening.


Use Sixty - Based in San Francisco, Use Sixty is an expert freelancer marketplace for Squarespace designers. Unlike many expert networks, Use Sixty allows designers to manage the relationship and serves as a matchmaker between clients and designers. In addition to the matchmaking services, Use Sixty provides website inspiration, industry insights, and passive income from referrals.

AlphaSights - AlphaSights is a professional services firm employing several hundred professionals in 9 offices around the world including San Francisco, New York, London, Hamburg, Dubai, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul and Tokyo. Clients are decision-makers at major corporations, investment funds, strategy consultancies and non-profits.


Askvisory - Founded in 2008 by Oais Ahsan, Askvisory is a marketplace where experts and organizations from a broad range of industries connect for both networking and consultation opportunities.


Atheneum Partners - Atheneum is a global expert platform and research firm which connects consulting firms, investment houses and corporations with the world’s most relevant experts, while ensuring the highest compliance standards are met. Thanks to the Atheneum Expert Platform (AEP), complemented by custom recruitment, clients can gain the latest and most in-depth insights and empower their decision making.


Auctionata - Auctionata is a full service auction house that provides valuation of items, collections and estates; professional catalogue descriptions and photography; storage, logistics and transport; sale at auction or in their gallery; and complete payment processing. Auctionata engages a network of experts to evaluate items. Experts have specialist knowledge of one or more subjects in the fields of art or antiques, a love of communication, and a desire to be part of a global network of experts.


Axon Advisors - Based in Indianapolis, Axon Advisors provides on-demand access to subject matter experts from around the world using qualitative and quantitative information gathering methodologies. According to their website, they have a 96% success rate in matching clients with the right subject matter experts.


Business Talent Group (BTG) - BTG provides on-demand consulting services to a wide variety of industries including phama, biotech, ecommerce, insurance, consumer goods, energy, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, industrial, life science, media, entertainment, government, private equity, retail, services, and technology. BTG's  on-demand consulting engagements include corporate strategy development, project leadership, finance, human resources, marketing, sales, operations, procurement, mergers and aquisitions.


Catalant Expert Network - Catalant Expert Network is a technology platform that connects businesses with experts. Founded in 2013, Catalant was originally known as Hourly Nerd and focused on small and medium sized business and recent graduates from top 40 business. In 2016, the platform was rebranded under the name Catalant and operates services that focus primarily on enterprise-sized clients and more senior, full-time consultants.


Coleman Research Group - Established in 2003, Coleman Research Group, Inc. (CRG) is an expert network that connects institutions with industry experts through telephone consultations, in-person meetings, and roundtable discussions.


Clarity - Clarity is a marketplace that connects entrepreneurs with top advisors & industry experts to conduct market research, get strategic business advice, or learn a specialized skill to help them grow their business


ENG - Expert Network Group provides institutional clients with highly specialized and relevant experts to aid them in their investment decision making process. The network specializes in experts not available on other services.


ExpertConnect - ExpertConnect helps institutional investors, private equity firms, corporations, and professional service firms make better decisions.  ExpertConnect clients access and leverage a robust network of Industry Consultants who are leading thinkers in their area of expertise.


Experts Council - Experts Council is a knowledge brokering platform that connects clients with operational experts for sectorial interviews. These interviews help C-Level executives and their teams save time and money by helping executives make informed decisions. Independant experts also enable clients  to quickly grow their understanding of a sector and avoid possible traps. The Experts Council is based in Paris, France but provides coverage worldwide.


Federal Microconsulting - Focused on providing bite-sized management consulting engagements to government, Federal Microconsulting operates under Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), which allows for micro-purchase acquisitions of supplies or services under $10,000 using simplified acquisition procedures.


ExpertView - ExpertView provides research services to investment managers, M&A practitioners and Corporate Executives by combining primary research with expertise from active industry participants. They are based in London.


Futureminds Consulting - Futures Consulting is a venture established with the aim of making information, insights & expertise easily accessible to Businesses, Institutions and Individuals. The FutureMinds platform enables clients across the globe to quickly & effectively achieve their work objectives by leveraging services of people who are subject-matter experts in their respective domains.


Gerson Lehrman Group - With more than 150,000 experts, Gerson Lehrman Group is one of the largest experts networks in the world. They provide primary research to many, if not most, Fortune 1000 companies, institutional investors, venture capitalists and managment consultancies.


InnoSquared - Based in Düsseldorf, Germany, InnoSquared Network provides highly qualified experts from economy, technology and science to reputable clients in service and industrial enterprises, consultancies and financial investors.


Knowers - Knowers is a worldwide online job marketplace and cloud platform to deliver knowledge-based services, for Home, for Work, and Life. Founded in London, the platform encourages people and companies of the world to collaborate and work online.


Maven Research - Maven Research was founded by a trio of technology and research industry veterans who wanted to create an easy-to-use platform to connect experts with those who needed their counsel. The network covers all industries and geographies, with experts at all experience levels. They motto is, "Everyone Knows Something."


Mercurr - Mercurr matches entrepreneurs who are expanding their business abroad with the best and most relevant local experts.

Mercurr helps entrepreneurs find relevant contacts who share their culture and speak their language. Mercurr is based in Paris and Hong Kong.


Network of Experts - Owned and managed by Greenwood Research, LLC, Network of Experts is a global organization of industry professionals and subject matter experts. Clients are generally professional investment managers and other decision makers who seek to better understand current issues and trends in a specific industry.


Noble Insights - Noble Insights is a primary research firm that connects information seekers with informative experts in their respective fields. Industry experts give investors and companies an information edge by providing up to the minute insights, proactive opinions, unique ideas and fresh perspectives on market moving developments and newsworthy events.


ORC Experts - ORC International Expert Advisory Services enables highly qualified experts to provide technical consulting services for leading companies and institutions. ORC also provides opportunities for expert witness consulting. ORC focuses on providing experts in the areas of science, engineering, medicine, technology, business process, and regulation. All experts are vetted and have impressive credentials and extensive experience in their respective areas of expertise. Since 1984, the ORC Expert network  has been used by  over half of all Fortune 500 companies to solve critical business issues.


Primary Insight - Founded in 2005,  Primary Insight connects clients, who are primarily institutional investors, to business executives, supply chain decision-makers, academics,  and clinical researchers. The network covers all industry sectors, functional roles and geographies.


Third Bridge (formerlyCognoLink) - Founded by two former consultants with extensive experience advising European and US-based financial investors, this London based expert network provides insight and advice to hedge funds, mutual funds, and private equity firms.


TMT Expert Network - Headquartered in San Francisco, TMT Expert Network has  researchers on the ground in Asia, Latin America, Europe and the US. Experts come from all industries and sectors and have direct industry experience or in-depth sectoral knowledge. The network contains experts from technology, media and telecom  including: C-level executives, researchers, distributors, resellers, suppliers, manufacturers, and customers.


Xperiti - Co-founded by serial entrepreneur Dr. Rafi Gidron (Chromatis, Scorpio, IBT) Xperiti serves industry leaders such as the Boston Consulting Group, Sphera Funds and Pontifax utilizing machine learning technologies to build an automated expert network designed to reduce the time and cost of traditional solutions.


Yegii - Yegii, the insight network, supplies specialist insight to businesses in the midst of industry disruption. Analyzing emerging tech, policy and business models is where Yegii excels. Yegii is currently in open beta. Current clients include Santander (SAN) and National Grid (NGG).


Zintro - Zintro is a business network that connects clients with experts for consulting engagements ranging from one half hour phone consultations to multi-month on-site engagements. The network has almost 40,000 experts across every single industry sector.


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