The Expert Networks


Consultant Profile -An expert is any industry-specific professional who has gained a thorough understanding in a particular area or topic through professional experience.


To qualify as an expert you need to have substantial experience within a given industry, including experience in an executive or specialist position. However, you do not need to hold any specific title, nor do you need any consulting experience. The current requirements are 10 years of professional experience for most industries, and 5-7 years for some, including Information & Communication Technology.


How It Works - Every Client sets his own project details, including the industry, geography and budget. From the marketplace all experts in the community can pitch to work on an open project. All experts have a personal profile on the platform, and the client is free to select any number of experts for the project.


The expert completes a project by answering a number of predefined questions, which are grouped into logical sections. The software then takes care of generating the report.


Accepting a pitch is the same as ordering a report and therefore binding. Money are reserved on the client’s credit card when a pitch is accepted, and paid out to the expert upon delivery of the report within its deadline.


Opportunities - Telephonic consultations and tailor-made reports using Mintebi's innovative reporting tools.


How to sign-up - Complete an online application using Linkedin or your email address.


Payment - Mintebi charges a 12% flat commission on the payments from client to expert. Mintebi does not charge anything to make payouts to experts or for processing credit card payments, and we also cover all associated 3rd party costs.


Clients pay exactly the budget amount and nothing more, while experts receive 88% of the client’s payment at their personal bank account. This is the same for reports acquired through live projects and the library, and for telcos.


Addition Information - The website vague on specifics. The site is bilingual in English and Spanish, however, there are some pages that are only complete in Spanish.






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About the Network - Mintebi is a professional hub for online knowledge-sharing that enable corporate clients to connect directly with senior industry professionals (the experts), who share their advice and insights using the platform's integrated productivity and collaboration tools.Mintebi helps all types of organisations build the optimal foundation for strategic decsion-making.