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LifeSci Advisors

About the Network - LifeSci Advisors is a unique consultancy that provides comprehensive equity research, strategic counsel, customized marketing communications and investor relations services to clients in the life-sciences. They have extensive experience in all aspects of healthcare finance, including institutional sales, capital markets, investment banking, investor and public relations, sell-side analysis, and buy-side analysis. Clients are both healthcare companies and members of the financial community who are interested in the development and commercialization of novel healthcare products.


Consultant Profile - Their expert Network includes thousands of academic and community physicians in a number of clinical specialties.


How It Works - Clients typically request short surveys or telephone consultations with Experts.


Opportunities - Short surveys or one-on-one consultations querying the potential of late-stage developmental or currently marketed healthcare products


How to sign-up - Experts can apply for positions using an online application.


Payment - Experts set their own rates.


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