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About the Network - Foglamp is an in-country research service with an excess of 1000 researchers and journalists in more than 120 countries.  Their engagements provide clients with the consolidated insights of dozens of local managers and market participants. Clients are provided with concise written analysis which is augmented with telephone conversations and instant messages to flush out the finer details.


Consultant Profile - Experts are locally-based and can prepare written analysis, speak with clients over the phone or instant messaging, and otherwise work with clients to identify market opportunities and risks. They come from a wide variety of fields including Healthcare, Telecommunications, Media and Internet Technology, Education Infrastructure, Energy (oil, gas, mining, and other extractives), Industrials, Real Estate and Construction.


How It Works - Foglamp has a wide range of services that are customized to the needs of individual clients. They do not have a set protocol for their services. Engagements can vary in scope and duration including anything from memos addressing deal-, company-, or sector-specific questions, follow-up calls and field updates, in-country meetings, custom trips, or bespoke expert surveys.


Opportunities - Wildly varied depending on client need, from written reports to phone consultations, from instant messaging to in-country meetings.


How to sign-up - Experts can apply via online application. The application is detailed and requires the submission of a resume.


Payment - Not disclosed on their website.


Addition Information - Foglamp is a service of Global Integrity, an independent organization providing insights to business, finance, and government leaders since 1999. Foglamp is a non profit organization.






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