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FHC Experts for Law

About the Network - Forensic Healthcare Services Ltd (FHC) provides a wide range of expert witness services to the legal profession, judicial system, police and other bodies. Founded in 1999, the network has over 1275 witnesses who provide expeditious opinions and support their written evidence in a court setting. FHC is based in the United Kingdom.


Consultant Profile - FHC has experts in over 200 specialities including accident investigations, accounting, acupuncture, engineering, geology, music piracy, radiology, pharmaceuticals and wide range of medical specialities.


How It Works - Clients complete an online request form that specifies the type of expert they are looking for and what services they require.

FHC then provides the name of a suitable expert, their CV, current dates of non-availability, and an estimate of the cost of their services for report production and court attendance. This information is provided within 2 working days. FHC then provides guidance (if needed) and liases with the expert to complete the project. Invoicing and collections are both handled by FHC.


Opportunities - Expert opinons for criminal and civil practice, witness training (healthcare and non-healthcare professionals), research, education and publication. Experts provide written reports and in-person opinions.


How to sign-up - Experts can enroll using an online application or by downloading an application and faxing it to +44 (0) 1702 711153.  Experts are also required to give 2 references from legal sources for whom expert work has been produced, and two anonymised sample reports.


Payment - Negotiated.


Addition Information - FHC Experts for Law focuses on cases in the UK.






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