The Expert Networks


About the Network - ExpertAngle is an online expert network service that connects business professionals to healthcare experts for market research and industry insights. With a growing community of over 160,000 physicians, payers, consultants, and other key opinion leaders, ExpertAngle serves its clients as a unique resource in a field where expert information is constantly being sought.


Consultant Profile - Consultants include Physicians, Medical Directors, Pharmacy Directors, Chief Medical Officers, Clinical Pharmacists, Chief Medical Information Officers, Chief Quality Officers, Chief Executive Officers, Healthcare Consultants, Directors, Entrepreneurs, Physician Assistants, Presidents, Professors, Vice Presidents, and Nurses.


How It Works - Potential clients search through a database of experts and to find the expertise that best needs of their project. Consultations are conducted over the telephone or via email.


Opportunities - Email consultations, and phonic consultations.


How to sign-up - Experts can enroll online using their LinkedIn profiles or by completing an online application.


Payment - Payment information not disclosed on website.






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