The Expert Networks


About the Network - CodeCavalry is an expert network that provides online assistance to coders. From quick help on bugs and errors to complex coding problems, CodeCavalry provides expert coders that best meet the needs of their clients. CodeCavalry also provides long-term mentoring services for coders interested in improving their skills.


Consultant Profile - CodeCavalry believes that coders with different types and levels of experience can offer help to those with with different sets of experiences.


How It Works - Clients sign-up using Facebook, GooglePlux, or Github and describe their problems and what technologies they need help with. Clients chat with experts as they offer to help. Clients can quickly see expert star rating and suggested rate. Once an expert is engaged, clients are charged  on a per minute basis until the problem is resolved.


Opportunities - Online consultations via Google Hangouts and long-term mentoring opportunities.


How to sign-up - Becoming an expert is as simple as linking a bank account, adding a Google Hangouts email, and choosing which technologies you excel in. Once those are in place, you will start to see Open Sessions available for you to offer your help. Sign-up as an expert with CodeCavalry using Facebook, Github, Twitter, or Google Hangouts and a link on the website.


Payment - CodeCavalry has a simple pricing model for payments made to experts. The scale slides from 15-25% of the per minute fee they charge, depending on the experts level of expertis and status within CodeCavalry.


15% for of all tip based sessions

25% for entry level experts

15-20% for all knights, and elite experts