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Brazil Experts Network

About the Network - Brazil Experts Network (BEX) is an expert network service established in 2010 that connects institutions with industry experts through telephone consultations, in-person meetings, roundtable discussions and due diligencies to facilitate primary research. The Network consists of leading Brazil industry executives, senior managers, operational and product experts, scientists, doctors, lawyers, and professionals across all industries.

Clients include the largest mutual funds, hedge funds, private equity firms, management consultancies and law firms.


Consultant Profile - The Network consists of two different types of experts: native Brazilians and Expatriates with experience living and workin gin Brazil


The Brazilian Expert Network consists of leading professions with geographical, regulatory, legislation and compelling insights into the Brazil market. The great majority of the native brazilians experts have had experience with leading multinational coorporations.


In addition, there are 2.000+ experts representing executives, senior level managers and others are the forefront of their professional from multinational companies and top fortune 500 companies from around the world with experience in Brazil.


How It Works - A dedicated Brazil Experts Network Account Manager works closely with clients to understand their questions and  search specifications. Through targeted recruiting and vetting contacts over the phone, industry-specific researchers source the most relevant experts for clients. Their proprietary expert network software enables them to quickly turn projects around. Research teams speak more than 15 foreign languages, and recruit professionals in all industries, all over the world


Opportunities - Experts participate in telephone consultations, in person consultations, and on an as needed basis, also assist with deal sourcing, research projects, and professional surveys commissioned by clients.


How to sign-up - Experts seeking to join Brazil Experts Network can apply online.


Payment - Payment process is transparent with quick turnaround. Experts set their own rates.







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