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About the Network - Founded in 2007, Atechs provides expert insight to investors, fortune 100 companies and universities. Originally focused exclusively on technology, Atechs has expanded their services to include a broad range of topics including healthcare, energy, power, fuels, finance, business services, industrial, legal, accounting, regulatory, telecommunications, media, and consumer goods and services. Commonly explored issues include potential market applications of new technology, market evaluations, uniqueness of technology, and ease of entry into a market.


Consultant Profile - Experts come from across the globe with backgrounds in a variety of sectors such as healthcare, energy, biotechnology, and engineering. They include C-level executives, directors, managers, lawyers, doctors, inventors and researchers.



How It Works - Any business or individual can request to speak with an expert on Atechs. Clients must complete a profile and purchase a "call package" that includes a certain number of contacts. Clients are then matched with experts using a proprietary algorithm. Atechs facilitates communication between client and experts as well as handling invoicing and collections activities.


Opportunities - Phone and video consults, in-person meetings, online survey and technology assessments.


How to sign-up - Experts can enroll using Atech's online application or pdf form. The application is very detailed and requires a resume as an attachment. As an option, Atechs also allows for a video bio.


Payment - Expert fees are agreed upon during the application process and can only be changed upon written notice to Atechs. Experts must must request payment within 90 days of a consultation. Payments are processed with 30 days of an experts request for payment.


Addition Information - In addition to consulting opportunities, Atechs has a number of interesting features on their website including an innovation blog and video expert insight series.






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