The Expert Networks


About the Network - AlphaSights is a professional services firm employing several hundred professionals in 9 offices around the world including San Francisco, New York, London, Hamburg, Dubai, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul and Tokyo. Clients are decision-makers at major corporations, investment funds, strategy consultancies and non-profits. Use cases include, but are not limited to, Go-To-Market Planning, best practices, and new product development


Consultant Profile - AlphaSights does not maintain a network of experts but acts as a "knowledge" search firm to identify the needed expertise on a bespoke basis.


How It Works - AlphaSights conducts bespoke searches and vets all experts taking into considerations their clients' specific requirements. Ninety percent of all interactions take place within 72 hours of initial briefing. Clients interact directly with Experts via phone, in-person meetings, and full-day workshops.


Opportunities - Phone calls, interviews, discussion groups, and in-person meetings. Engagement include both short and longterm assignments.


How to sign-up - Unlike many other Expert Networks, AlphaSights does not accept unsolicited applications. Advisors are engaged on an invitation only basis.


Payment - Not disclosed.