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99 Doctors

About the Network - 99doctors is an online consultation platform enabling people to get real-time medical advice from doctors, specialists and/or medical panels. 99doctors is based in India.


Consultant Profile -  Specialists  from US, UK, UAE, India, Singapore, Germany and more. 99 Doctors verifies the credentials of each doctors to ensure they are fully licensed and experienced. The networks currently has over 300 doctors in more than 50 specialties.


How It Works - Clients type in their health questions and submit brief medical history , allergies ( if any), and symptoms as well as information about treatments they have already tried and medication. Clients can also upload their medical reports or images. Client choose doctors, specialists, or medical panel opinions, then make a payment online. Doctors provide opinions and answer follow-up questions.


Opportunities - Questions, specialist consultations, medical panel opinions.


How to sign-up - Doctor's can register online by completing a detailed questionnaire.


Payment - You can earn up to 50% of the published Consultation amount on the website (i.e. up to Rs 300) per accepted consultations/answers.


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